Life in Israel has shaped me deeply, life in Switzerland has healed me deeply, life in Gran Canaria inspires me, connects me to my essence.


As the first-born child of the Cohen family - tribe of Jewish priests in Israel - I was shaped by rituals, holidays and prayers. The wild and untouched nature right behind the house of my childhood was my playground full of wonder and magic, with the whole variety of flowers and small animals that lived there.

Today I live on the island at the pulse of the elements.

The sea, the wind, the fire of the volcano, the Earth, the moon, sunrise and sunset, ebb and flow, rocks and forest, sand dunes and Harbor, walking barefoot, swimming naked, all of this connects me with ME as I am, as I love to be.


I am a wife, a mother of three Children, a host, an artist,

a healer, a modern Priestess and a life passionate in many forms. My natural sensuality has developed and unfold as a way of living and a lifestyle. I experience the everyday life united with the sacred life.


I bring you the exotic scents, from my home, from my secrets, from my sacred space, from my temple…

delicate orange blossoms, mystical jasmine, erotic roses, Ambar, Musk, vanilla, pepper, hot and sweet, opening and sensual. I bring the scents of spices and herbs with me, invigorating and refreshing, relaxing.


“A thousand- and one-night Blend”


Two powerful experiences move me deeply and guide me


The appearance of two Doves who have decided to live on our terrace, is a precious gift to my life.

The subtle energy of these “Bird Beings” touches my delicate string and helps me to open my heart completely. The Doves reflect my gift of being a high sensitive and intuitive Being.

The other key experience was in a Circle of women. I was encouraged to take my place in our Family clan as  a priestess. (the only woman in our Family)

Both experiences have shown me a new direction for my work.

my Healings Path


I was born in Israel in 1963 to the "Cohen" family, the tribe of priests. A fertile, beautiful and conflict-ridden country - full of dreams for peace - a country which has also shaped me through the war.

The women in our clan were North African Shamans, the men were from the tribe of the priest.

In 1986 I followed my inner call and set out to the big world.

This path led me to Switzerland and to myself to find inner peace was a long process of healing and learning.

It was an intense 23 years! Family time, different trainings, Divorce, Illnesses have enriched me,  and opened my heart, challenged me and strengthened me, and brought me closer and closer to myself.


I was focused on the desire for outer peace, to the point of despair, and often found myself trapped in roles and old patterns.

So, I decided to break away from old beliefs and structures and discovered that the struggle was taking place within myself.


I experienced clear guidance through Retreats and an intense period of meditation. Inner peace began to show itself and to unfold; it started to become independent of external conflicts. 

My quality of life has changed and the topic of "inner peace - with myself" has become my new anchor. I am aware that being on the path of healing is a lifelong task.

The Content of my life, my attitude to life and my work attitude changed.

Today I live with more Joy, Creativity, Inspiration , authenticity and depth.

In the encounter with you or with the group, my intention is to find contact with our inner peace and to strengthen it. This state is our nature. In order to find this ground again, we have to reflect on ourselves, allow our feelings to be expressed and learn to love. This is how we discover the power of vitality.

If we are honest with ourselves and learn to meet our inner conflicts with love, acceptance and peace, even if this seems to us to be a paradox, we can reconcile ourselves with our humanity and let our divine power guide us.


It seems to me that life speaks to me in many shapes and colours, in faces, in sounds, in images, in Fragrances, in stories ...

A life rich in experiences with all tastes and diverse influences.

I have built many bridges to the past and to my visions, to my ancestors and to my angels, to the animals and plants that help me to open and develop my consciousness, to receive healing.

Everything I do today, what I express, what I dedicate and share, what I offer and convey has an origin in my own experiences of daily life but also from working with spiritual teachers, shamans and healers who share their knowledge and shared their practice with me.

It is my heart's Intention to make my contribution to the healing of the sacred female field, where we women share their Life and work together. The great Mama nature in her power and magic reveals herself through me and

I will help you to rekindle this ancient connection, to refresh and

strengthen it.

My path feels like 1001 stories

On my way there were fears and pains, transitions and bridges to deeper love in me, and still…

On this journey I like to practice accepting pain, not being perfect, getting out of the inner drama- consciously, grounding our inner peace, courageously facing the shadow areas, loving unconditionally, making my contribution to the new world.

 I experience that my heart is getting bigger and bigger and this source of love longs to flow into the world.


I love the simplicity, the naturalness, the directness and the playfulness at the same time, may my creative nature will touch you and inspire you so that you can find access to your own.

How I work


 Being free as a Woman,   is very close to my heart 

to research, to discover, to embody it.

 It means  to integrate the many parts of us, The women,

like the little girl, the young one, the Mother, the Beloved,

the Goddess, the Healer, the Artist, to bring them into our wholeness.

it is important to me to experience the great forces within us

of the sacred wild as one.

the beloved aspects encourage us

to take the unloved with us, to our heart.


My sacred wild - life

My wild sacred life


In "Self-Love" and Self- Pleasure, in "Self-Care" -

we practice love for ourselves that we have always dreamed of !

We cultivate them back to the source, we bring them home.


We are supported in this by:

Prayer, devotional Practice,  heart connection, Rituals,

connecting to the inner Divine source,

Coming into Circles and experiencing the healing power

of the community. 

Red thread Ceremony, sacred Oils.

you will learn and practice...

To Wake up to your everyday life with new inspiration

To direct your loving Eyes  in yourself

To refresh-( update ) the access to your inner world

To trust your Intuition

To be open to know yourself better

and to find your inner truth

To love your feelings

To find courage to go your own way

To develop your inner Qualities and go deeper 

and closer to your heart and soul

How to deal better with your fears

To recognize your desires, Dreams and Longing

To make your dreams come truth

To become aware of your visions

To revitalize your sexual power

To reshape your life in creativity and joy

To activate the access to the cosmic divine source

To ground your spirituality

To Improve your ability to love

To accept easily the mirror of yourself and others

To heal your partnership 

To heal the issue of closeness and intimacy

To experience more synchronicity in  life and in relationships

I am happy to share with you my knowledge,

my rich Life Experiences and Wisdom,

grounded in my spiritual guidance,

in love and devotion,

as an elder woman, as a spiritual Teacher,  

as a  mystic,  a stories Teller, a Poet, as a healer, Artist and as a  modern priestess.

soon will come more information in English, please contact me for any question or WhatsApp 0034 646 239 590