Magical stories that touch the heart, open the senses, inspire the soul, deepen the experience, expand the consciousness, and lead us on the path of healing

My sacred wild life

to My sacred wild  Life

In my night

in the time of my dreams

healing sounds entering from heaven

my ear opens like a flower

listens and receives ...

These sounds calm me down

Making me feel gifted…

Nectar flows into me

Moisturizes me

spreads serenity in me ...

Nourished from this honey I surrender…


The moonlight shines gently

On my face ...

Spreads his beauty in great love

adorns me with roses and gold

Promises to light my Path

Like a Pearl in a Shell

Like the Dream in the night

The Diamond burns in my Soul

The secrets of the feminine mystery

Reveal themselves to me

The snack in me is awakening

Dancing sensually the fire dance

Creating expression

From the depth of my being 

Giving me security and home


The flame of infinitive love

Gives birth in me

Speaks the truth of new life

Step by step you enter the sacred space

My heart Bird

Bring am massage of peace

I promise you with precious love

Like this one to my eyes

To protect and preserve you