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The Peacock

The Peacock in my Life

I always loved the Peacocks, their Feathers, their sacred Dance, their Beauty and their Connection to something ancient … But I did not know more about them.

One day I booked a shamanic workshop to learn about the medicine wheel and to have a Channeling Session about my Totem Animal. 

Since that day I started to learn about the peacocks, visiting them in a big Garden, meeting them all over the World, watching them, feeling them, learning about them and with them. Remembering ancient Dances, remembering that we actually have many more eyes than we think, remembering that Beauty is sacred and is a medicine, remembering life with Rituals and Gratitude bring us in our center, to our Love.

What was very much surprising was that I received this amazing, beautiful Peacock in my Dream one night before the workshop began. It was an appearing of a magical energy just Infront of me, which was standing in a position of a Master. The peacock was shaking the wings and BEING with me. What happened after it, I woke up with a new feeling in my system, it was like I received his Energy. I was so happy about it but I still did not know that it would be really my Totem.  Of course the Medicine Woman went into a trance and let me know very soon that the peacock is by me, on my side. 

The first thing I did after this Session was to dress myself as a peacock and get under his skin, to feel his energy. So, I invited a photograph to go with me in Nature and document my experiences. In this journey I discovered parts of myself with a lot of playfulness, joy and legendary Qualities. An Artful Potential started to enfold within me and I could see and feel myself in both worlds at the same time, in the magical as in the normal every day one.

That was a Portal that opened up my way of thinking and living to a wider bigger and more magnificent one.

I collect Peacock Feathers all over in my sacred journey,

I paint them, photograph them, and let them influence me

in a mystical way. I believe that they support us in our creativity and in finding our sacredness

through Integration of all our Colors.