Magical stories that touch the heart, open the senses, inspire the soul, deepen the experience, expand the consciousness, and lead us on the path of healing

 A story, a myth, a legend, which connects everyday life with everything, 

expand your horizon and reveal the Miracles in our life.

Will you listen to your Heart Desires…?


You Know, when my heart desires start to become ~

a dream ~a prayer~ or~ a Fantasy Story…

When I connect to the guidance of my soul and start being creative and expressive with it,

When I open my Senses and wait…

wait with an open heart…

I receive the Magic, The magic of seeing the small little things, between the lines of Life itself…

I am full of gratitude every day because Life mirrors her natural way of being and her Wisdom to me

So, don’t stop dreaming or wishing as an innocent child, wishing to be so close to the most beautiful things on this Earth...they love to inspire us!

As more as I hear my heart wishes, in an intimate way,

my heart expands…

It’s all about relations, it’s about love, Love Relations…

Animals feel our Love and they wish to come closer to us

as we wish it.

They teach us, they support us to remember

and develop inner qualities, they bring a medicine to us,

they bring beauty and joy! 

They offer us to witness them, to come to the same sacred space with them, so, we can Practice living in the frequency of Love, Respect, and peace. 



the magical Story about the Doves

Die Geschichten werden auf Englisch und bald auf Deutsch erzählt