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The doves

The Doves in my life 


A powerful experience moved me deeply and guide me:

The appearance of two Doves who have decided to live on our terrace, is a precious gift to my life. The subtle energy of these “Bird Beings” touches my delicate string and helps me to open my heart completely. The Doves reflect my gift of being a high sensitive and intuitive Being. 


All I have to do is open 

my heart wider than before

Over the horizon across these lands 

deep into the earth

on which I stand

All I have to do is open 

my heart wider than before 

Where do you come from?

I come from the Stars and the sacred space

of beauty and love

I come from the Angels care and guidance

I come from the hope and prayers that

one day all Colores 

And different tribes will go

the path of the heart

Will speak the language of the earth

Will understand the language of heaven

Will live as a part of the wholeness

in the great circle of life

And then peace will come

One day we will all walk in faith

We will treat every little living being

and plant as sacred

Connected to the source of life

We will pray to God and Goddess

and then peace will come.

That’s where I come from…


on your sacred body of Earth, my feet are walking 

on your radiant skin which is full of sunshine

your tender skin of light I feel under my feet

excited I feel our heartbeat

In a one day of life, In a day full of Sun,

Our sacred meeting opens a new portal

Which guides me to a new dimension

I walk through that Door 

and remember this Legend of Life

I remember how we wrote a story together, 

Life and Me,

The magic of life desired to express itself through me

May I remember, get conscious of it, 

and share it with others

I remember my Heart desired to heal 

the inner beloved child in me,

So, I called the Doves, to bring to this child Tenderness, 

wrap her in softness and security, 

to remined her that there is a world of birds’ angels

 from other realms and that they would protect her

and bring peace and freedom to her life.

Later in my life, the Woman in me have been speaking to me

She wished Healing for her Womb and for her Ancestors

So, I called the Doves, and they brought the protection for our sacred space

They brought Softness, Courage to let go of old Stories and to purify the space, and prepare it as a temple

Many days passed over and one day tow doves appeared on our terrace…

They touched my heart and I invited them to come closer…

“Welcome, my dear guests from the spirit world”, and so it was…

They came every day to visit me, until they had the courage to eat from the bowl the sunflower seeds. This Love Story has expanded, and the joy they awakened in me was unexpected. The child in me was happy and the mother was curious and in gratitude.

At the same time I felt as their mother…

A magical journey started to unfold, as I heard my Heart desires: 

“How could it be if … they would land in the palms of my hands? Or if I could stroke them, and hold them as my babies…”

One day after a lot of research about those Beings and their behavior, they came and flied on the palm of my hands, it felt like an energy treatment and I was shaking and crying, it felt as an earth kraken in me. They changed my vibration. That was a sign from them that we will be together for a while, and that they will heal me and initiate me, and I said yes!

A deep sensation of gratitude and feeling touched from those BEINGS, Teachers from other Realms, Medicine Beings expanded in me… I have never felt this kind of feelings in this intensity. I was touched from their trust in me, their purity and shy in the way they got closer to me, in their own rhythm. As more as I was still in me, in an inner peace, and empty present, as more we could experience being in Unity.

From this time, it has been clear for me, that this Surrender is similar how the snack shades her skin very naturally, so do I, surrender to my own expansion of my consciousness.

My agreement to go on this journey with the Doves and to learn with them, was a gate way to the mystery and I was ready for it.

As a child I was high sensitive and “high feeling”.

The Doves have shown me the way back to those Gifts I had.


They teach us about the sacred space and how we can protect it, about heartfully and mindfully coming close to other beings and about

being free creatures.

Also, they teach us about the natural way of being tender and kind and being wild at the same time and how to bring these forces in balance.



They teach us to fly high to other dimensions and land safe back on earth, and bring massages from there. They teach us that time and patience can heal the primal trust.

They show us how to be in present, and awake so that we can feel when something can be dangerous for us. They can fly away every moment, immediately to a safe place.

They show us how to protect the space around us and how to live in a more joyful humor attitude. They teach us to respect our boundaries and to give boundaries.

The relationship between us has grown and became versatile. 


They come to be with us, and listen to my songs for them, relaxing and enjoying time together, keep our hearts open.


I felt in me a desire to get closer to the BEING and Essence of the Dove, and went with two photographs to the nature so I could dive in that essence.

Everything has come together to one sacred medicine vessel, 

The ability to fly, to rest and to land 

on the ground.


The Doves turned out to be a bridge across the ocean between me and my ancestors. I started to reflect on our tradition and values. 

The Jewish tribe has a lot of  holy days and Rituals, one of the most holy one is to blow the horn to open the heavens door that our prayers will be better heard.

When I look back in our women culture, the connection to healing of the feminine and her sacred space, her womb and sexuality is in the center of my heart, my hope and intention. I wish and pray to bring compassion and forgiveness to the world.

All what I have learned and healed, came together to a transformation chalice, to alchemize between water and fire.

The Days after, in my night came

a dove from her tribe and in my dream, between the worlds she has spoken to me and told me that she will die

at that night. 


My intuition guided me, and I found her body resting on the beach.

In a sacred Ritual I received her Wings, and the rest of her body went back to mother earth.

Day and night they speak to my soul and heart, and they show me that they heard my call, to learn about the sacred feminine Power of Magic / Magic Power.

They come and greet me in a lightful fly, from one of my hand to the other. Playfully and joyfully as I only saw in the Movies or Stories, but not in real life.


When I feed the Dove, I feed all her Aspects in me.

She who brings messages 

The Dove in my heart,

In my soul, in my mind

All over in Me

The Dove, the Sweetness, 

The Wildness, the Tenderness

Present, awake, free!

All over Love

All over Space


All over Bliss from heaven


All over the promises for infinity

We enjoy life on the terrace on the small fisher village Puerto de Mogan, on the island Gran Canaria. 

Our Souls know each other and because Animals have a collective consciousness, everywhere I go, the doves come close to me, as we know each other.

I love the simplicity, the naturalness, the directness and the playfulness at the same time.

May my sensitive intuitive sensual creative nature will touch you and inspire you so that you can find access to your own.

It seems to me that life speaks to me in many shapes and colors, in faces, in sounds, in images, in fragrances, in stories ...