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The Cats

The cats in my Life


The Call I heard in me and in the World was to let Cats

come into my life, and I listened.

As the Situation in the World became more complicated

and we all needed to stay in Isolation,

taking Distance from each other, my recognition of letting those beautiful Souls soften the hearts was successful.

As a guide medicine Animal, the wild cat, would appear in my imagination and help me to put healthy boundaries at the right time and place. 

It would help me to feel my own wildness and passion to life, 

and it would help me to let go of control, stay present and surrender to the Sun, to Lifeforce, to Relaxation. 

As I was on my healing path, I got triggered and my old traumatic experience of fear came up,

I went to dance in a cave with a group of Women. While we danced and faced our fear, I received an amazing force of healing from the wild cat, my body was filled up with this wild power, it would help me to scream and let my fear out of my body, give expression to this amazing deep fear of a 4 year old, little girl in the war time (1967), to face the fear and to face the power in a perfect synchronicity was a pure medicine for my heart and soul.

And then, everything changed in me. Things started to flow in a different direction.


The connection to that fear made it possible to integrate it and to let it go, what was not possible all those years before.

When a medicine animal goes direct to our body, it heals very potent and powerful, I saw it as a miracle and grace.  

3 months after it, I heard from a friend that someone is searching a new home for two little kitten who does not have a mother anymore. My heart was so opened, soft and in compassion, and I was clear that I am going to be the mother for them. It was guided.

So I went to pick them up and they became my new teachers.

They teach me Respect for their space and will,

Love Relationship and Tenderness.

There is time for everything, time to take care of my sacred space and Rest, time to surrender,

time to play and be wild, time to let all go and get into a space of deep meditation and trance.

There is time for asking what we need, time to be charming and intimate, and time to be alone.

I love those Beings because they are so real and honest.