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the Snakes

The Snake in my Life


My Love to Snakes was very natural, I did not know a lot about them, but I felt a connection which came many years later to my consciousness.

My children loved snakes as well and they had some of them as house Pets in a vivarium. 

The feeling of holding this wild strong animal in my hands was very empowering in a way.

Years after I received a homeopathic treatment medicine of the Poison of the Python.

Every time I used this medicine to heal my fears from the War Trauma which I could not release from my cells, I was praying for more trust, and for healing and being able to grow and expand to who I am.

One day I was invited from a good intuitive soul friend to come with her to the Snake sacred space in Nature, in Switzerland. It was a divine Guidance and I trust those Invitations. 

My experience of Unhealed Wound and Pain helped me to agree to let my fears go… the possibilities of expressing my gratitude by the Snake was very sacred. In a ritual I honored her and acknowledged her as one of my Power animals on my side.

She taught me that we all get Possibilities to heal, to let go, that we all can shed the old skin and become tender and powerful. 

She showed me the path of the Kundalini and the Awakening in my own Rhythm.


As more as I walked my spiritual, the Snake appeared in different ways, and brought me a lot of Information and Healing through Movement, Dancing and Singing, Painting, and Cooking…


On that Path of weakening the sacred Feminine Body, Energy and Spirit, I discovered the Power of Receiving.  

Being an empty Present and receiving Grace.

The Snake Medicine brings both Aspects of receiving and creating out of the inner feminine fire, which can ignite our passion to live as creative Beings.

It felt as the time becomes timeless for the healing process, because I was going through slow motion uncovering of a very deep Trauma which enclouded deep fears of a 4 Year old sensitive child.

On this healing Journey I felt going through stations or Portals and each time I came closer to my Nature, to me Being a sensual ecstatic Being.


All those years, every three months, receiving the Poison of her as a medicine, was for me as a shedding my old skin, letting go of old Believes, Fears, Patterns… allowing myself to enter a greater space to live in, to expand my energy field.

As I was travelling in Bali, I had the possibility to hold the biggest Snake ever in my Hands, to feel her Energy in a new conscious way, to appreciate this Creature.

She taught me that even a poison can heal and that there is no bad medicine or good medicine, each Creator holds a medicine, for someone. That was very opening,  

for the Mind and for the Spirit.

In our tradition of the Jewish tribe, the great shofar which looks like a Horn - Snake, is been used for the most sacred ceremonies to call in the holy spirit, to open the heaven`s door and to let spirit come closer to us.