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The Butterflies

The Butterflies in my Life


My Attraction to Butterflies was always a part of me being in Nature, letting those Beings spread a tender Joy, connecting me with my inner Child, with being fascinated from Beauty, Lightness, and a kind of a magical connection to the great Mystery.

So, all around me are always different Symbols of Butterflies, at home and in our Garden…

In a Conversation with Friends, we spoke about my Dream to attract Butterflies to our Garden, I got inspired to change the name of our house from Casa Monika*the Owner of the house in the Past* to Casa Mariposa, so that’s what was very much in Resonance, and we did so. From now on our House was Casa Mariposa, what means in Spanish house of the Butterflies. 

How Life is, things have their own Time… I call it Divine Timing, and after about 3 Years, I found exactly the right Flowers in the Garden house for the most beautiful Butterflies on the Gran Canary Island. the Monarch.

Everything enfolded magically…

soon, I saw the 6 caterpillars on the Plants, which started to awaken in me a very tender string, my heart expended even more. I started to visit them many times a day and to observe their movements, behaviours, and growth.

These little Beings have captured my heart completely.

After they would focus on eating day and night about tow weeks, they stay still and turn to live in their cocoon for about two weeks, until the Skin of the cocoon turns to be transparent, and one can see the beginning of the shapes and colors of the Butterfly.

Some Days later the Butterfly hatches out into the light, wait on the plant to dry his or her wings… and about 2 to 4 hoers it's ready to fly.

They showed me the whole process of transformation, how their Life started and enfolded, they thoughted me about Patient and Divine timing, they opened my heart for a new quality of Joy, Tenderness, Respect and taking care of the little vulnerable Creatures of this life.

They felt my love and me mothering them, Being with them in every moment of change.


I was talking to them, singing for them Love Songs, praying for them and protection their Field of Living from other animals, especially from our two beloveds CatThey showed me when one of them could not find the strength to fly, when one of them died, or when one of them had a broken wing… they shoed me when they could fly free and joyful between Flowers and Trees, and when they could not come out of the Cocoon.

They gifted me in witnessing every possible state of their Life and Death.

I decided to bring one of them with its broken wing to my house and tried to heal it , 3 days on my altar with Roses and other Flowers I prayed for it, anointed it with peace oil… and it did not make it to survive, so, I thanked him for the lesson and brought it to my Altar, as a Medicine and an Amulet. 

My Heart is full of Gratitude for all the Images of Butterflies which I painted all those Years, for all the Pictures I took, and Videos I filmed. I am especially grateful for my heart desires which I curry close to me and trust, and for the cocreation with Divine Source of all things,  for this Possibility of synchronicities.