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Schlüssel Erfahrung

- Key Experience

To take my place in the council as a priestess


A powerful experience moved me deeply

and guided me


How life is, I was guided to a Priestesses Circle, who practiced the holy Treatment of the Temple. As we came together each time to an opening circle, I was drowned to light the candles, but they would not let me, keeping saying that another Priestess do it now.

In our last circle before going home, I gathered my courage and said “I would like to light the candles today, can I do that? “ I have a story about it. And they all were interested to hear my story. 


I am a COHENS daughter, all my Ancestors have been in a Tribe of Priester’s Men, they had the Roll of guardians the Light in the Temple, blessing the People, and guiding every Ceremony and a rite of Passage. These are my Roots, but I always wanted to do the same, to be a part of them, as a Woman we did not get this permission. 


I need your help to free myself from thise old place.

Every one of us was ready to support this desire in my heart. And I got a candle for each one of us which I could bless and sing her name in melody of love. 


May this Initiation will be the change  

for the new generation in my tribe.