Temple sacred Space

The Space for Healing the Feminine

We prepare our space to be comfortable, cozy, beautiful and safe, with an Altar, with Flowers and wonderful sacred Oils, inspiring Music, Crystals, precious symbols, Candles, some nice Food, and delicious Tea.

When we make the space beautiful, inviting the invisible Helpers to support us, 

We give thanks for all what we have in this life.

We gather in a sacred safe Space, as we have the heart Intention to enter the Space without expectations, but with an empty presence and as well a Prayer in our Heart. 

In the Temple, there is no right or wrong, we are on a sacred journey, discovering how it feels like to honor our self, our inner World, our Experiences, our Feeling, our Body…

It’s a sacred Journey, and we bring our Feeling and Knowing of us being precious, back home, to our Body and heart.

We honor our sisters on their journey, and we would love to be a voice for those who cannot be free and speak their truth.

We honour each other in the Sisterhood and Brotherhood, in this Earth Family.

We practice with different Breath Techniques, calming our mind down, grounding, Sounding, and moving.

We practice loving Touch, anointing with sacred Oils, blessing ourselves and each other. 

We light the candles for ourselves and for all Beings in the World, for our Ancestors, and for the next generations, so that we can follow the light.


Every temple meeting is unique and encourages us to let go of everything which is less then love. We would love to awaken and to connect to our source of Love peace and joy.

We will be practicing grounding, focusing, present, centering, and Love, as I learned from my beloved sister in the temple of Rosa Mystica, Elayne Kalila.


And as I learn from my own Life: 

If we feel it, ground, breath into it, move it, accept it, bring love to it, release it, anchor our feet into the great mother earth, feel the deep connection to her, her support and her unconditional Love, we do not need to suffer from sorrow or pain, we can mother and father ourselves in the most beautiful tender loving way, most of the times.

We have some Commitments and agreements in the Temple, and we will speak them together, to help everyone of us feel safe and welcome.


Everybody is welcome to be a part of the temple, no matter from which tradition or religion, or age, if you are coming with an intention to join us for those practices as mentioned above.


A Temple Space is very nourishing, supporting, awakening, loving, respecting, and it can be challenging, what helps us to grow, to stay present and open hearted. 


Our vulnerability and transparency are very welcome, our not knowing and not understanding, our shadows are as well welcome.

To bring our mind to the heart is a lifelong practice, and it’s worth to commit to it.


In the temple we remember how to live more in the heart and be connected to our womb as a  sacred creative Space.

As more we trust our body and her wisdom, her intuition, her teachings, as more we naturally start to love our body in a new way, initiating her as a temple, which deserves love, only love.


In a “Love Temple”,

we can choose to experience a “pleasure temple”, 

“a loving touch temple”, a Ritual Temple to a specific theme,

a tantric Art Temple: Dance, Writings, Poetry, Singing, 

Massaging, Anointing, Painting…

In this Temple Space We are going to take time for ourselves, it’s an inner practice and work, it’s a strengthening of our Responsibility for our health, balance, coming to our center and inner harmony.

We can ask for support from the Sisters and Brothers or we can be feeling centered to be support for others, we can be empty and quiet, we can have an inspiration for others.

We practice speaking our truth and being heard and witnessed. We can bring our prayers or intuitive gift for the circle. 


We don’t have to do it all alone!

As Emmi Mutale, Feminine Reverend says:


“Experience the healing Effect of the sacred Sister and Family Circles

and be ready to transform the way you view yourself and the world around you”


Sacred Art of Anointing

As my beloved Teacher, Sister from the Temple

Rosa Mystica say about Art of Anointing :

"Anointing is an ancient tradition of vibrational healing and spiritual connection utilizing holy oils and energy balancing technique. It is a tradition of consecration and preparation that will lead you to a more intimate experience with yourself and the divine.

This practice found in most cultures and religions, honors the soul in its various rites of passage.

The oils work on the energetic level to shift the frequency state of your being and work in harmony with your subtle and physical bodies based on your unique composition and circumstences.

Anointing is the Priest/ess tool for delivering Grace.

Through anointing, the Priest/ess opens his/her senses to the eternal

Aspect of himself/herself.

Then, in direct experience with grace, she /he offers a blessing, a healing, and a rite of passage” 


Diana DuBrow Emerald Temple

“Carry your favorite oil blend with you to anoint yourself frequently through the day, keeping your mind centered, and clear as the oil strengthens the immune system and your overall sense of well-being. Let the scent remind you…you are a spiritual being having a human experience, eternal and made of Love, inhabiting an ecstatic paradise that is the human sacred form.” 


Blue Dragon alchemy.